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PLT energia Srl is a financial holding company and, along with its subsidiaries, it has been operating in the field of renewable energy for years. Its main aim is to develop, build and manage wind, photovoltaic, biomass and cogeneration power plants, as well as to establish istelf as trader in the market of electric energy.

A highly motivated management team, with several decades of experience in the field, works in concert every day to actively contribute to sustainable development.

PLT energia, thanks to continuous investments in the business of renewable energy, nowadays can count on 35 wind parks, of which 17 are big wind parks, for a total owned installed capacity of 211 MW and an estimated overall production around 430 GWh of clean energy per year, which represents a significative example of industry that has been able to assert itself on the sector, heading for process verticalization and streamlining, managing independently all the phases, from feasibility study to plant installation, as well as a trader to final customers in the market of energy.

In 2019 PLT energia plants production avoided the emission of 194.345 tonnes of CO2 in the environment, satisfying 186.796 families energetic needs.
The mission of PLT energia Srl is to efficiently produce and sell high quality electric energy - thanks to the design, construction and management of plants powered by renewable sources.

Business and organizational skills, technical and financial know-how, risk management capability and time-cost optimization: PLT energia has provided itself with relevant skills and high-quality expertise, which allowed the company to play a key role in the market of renewable energies, while boosting it through its innovative touch.

PLT energia's growth strategy focuses on the creation of a solid and sustainable value from an economic, financial, social and environmantal standpoint, with the intent to improve stakeholders' satisfaction and to help build on the future of the local, regional, national and international communities in which the company operates.
PLT energia has a wealth of expertise and professionalism of absolute importance and it is made up of a dynamic and highly qualified team.

On average our managers have a twenty-year experience in the energy sector and of more than ten years in the renewable energy sector. Our team is composed by young experts with an average age of 36 years and more than a half has a University degree.

PLT energia pays great attention on competence, professionalism and development of its resources, looking for specific profiles for its sector, who can provide an essential contribute to the growth of the Group, in an increasingly articulated and challenging scenario.

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The well-defined roles and responsabilities that everyone play in this company ensure high efficiency levels, transparency in business relationships and control.

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