Impianto Biomasse Eboli

Plant power
1 MW
Società Agricola Isola d'Agri Srl
EPC Contractor
PLT engineering Srl
PLT engineering Srl
In operation since

The biogas plant in Isca, a small town in the municipality of Eboli (SA), is mainly powered by vegetable sources (corn silage, triticale silage, by-products from agri-food processing) coming from the plantations (about 260 Ha) on the plant area.

The vegetable material (matrix) is stocked in storage trenches, which are large enough to allow the plant to operate for over one year.
  • The plant is composed of: a loading module, with a capacity of 60 t, where vegetable sources are loaded to feed two anaerobic digesters;
  • Two anaerobic digesters with special agitators inside, powered by electrical engines mixing the vegetable sources, which are suitably heated by the recycled heat coming from the engine cooling system to produce biogas with an average proportion of methane around 55%;
  • A desulfurization tower, which is used to eliminate H2S in biogas through a completely organic process;
  • A biogas dehumidification system;
  • A safety torch, which allows to burn exceeding biogas, in case of need;
  • A cogeneration module (engine/generator)
  • A final storage tank.

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