Corporate Governance


Governance System
Social responsability, a value in which we believe

PLT energia adopts a corporate governance system based on the highest standards of transparency and fairness in the management of the company. This corporate governance system ensures the effective management of the company activities and is oriented to:
      - the creation of value for shareholders
      - the quality of service provided
      - the control of business risks
      - transparency towards the market
      - balancing the interests of stakeholders;
      - the protection of the socially relevant interests involved

PLT energia, sensitive to the need of ensuring fairness and transparency in the conduction of business activities, to protect the interests of its shareholders and stakeholders, and the work of its employees, as well as making available its Articles of Association and the 231 Model, has found necessary to proceed with the established and effectively implementated the Code of Ethics and the Organisational, Management and Control Model required by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

PLT energia is also provided with the so called. "Rating of Legality" pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 57/2014, recognized by the “Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato”, which has attributed to the Company the maximum score (3 stellette), resulting from a Star related to basic requirements and from two stars to rewarding requirements. The legality Rating is a new tool introduced by the "Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato”, aimed at the promotion and introduction of principles of ethical behavior within the company, through the assignment of a "recognition" representative of law respect by companies.

Moreover in ethics, on 5th July 2016, the United Nations has accepted the PLT energia subscription to the Global Compact, a network of global companies founded in 2000 by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, to deal in a logic of cooperation, with the most critical aspects of globalization, with the intention of aligning the objectives of the international community with those of private interests of the business world.

The Global Compact of the United Nations is:
  • in the broadest sense:
    • a voluntary initiative to adhere to a set of principles that promote the values ​​of the long-term sustainability through policy actions, business practices, social and civil behavior responsible and with an eye on future generations;
    • a commitment, signed with the United Nations by the top managers of the participating companies, to contribute to a new phase of globalization characterized by sustainability, international cooperation and partnership in a multi-stakeholder perspective
  • from an operational point of view it is:
    • a network that brings together governments, businesses, UN agencies, trade unions and civil society, with the aim of globally promoting the culture of corporate citizenship
    • a policy processing platform of policies and guidelines to manage sustainable economies and politics
    • an operational framework for companies that are engaged in responsible business to develop, implement, maintain and spread sustainable practices and politics
    • a forum in which knowing, dealing with and sharing business experiences and critical aspects of globalization.

Corporate Bodies
Corporate Bodies
Board of Directors
Pierluigi Tortora
Stefano Marulli
Carlo Corradini
Eleonora Tortora
Andrea Marano

Statutory Auditors
Girolamo Giorgio Rubini
Carlo Conte
Franco Raddi

Supervisory Board
Luca Nanni
Maura Marzetti
Laura Cappiello


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