2 Jul, 2014 | Company News
Thank you so much PLT energia or better: "Asante Sana PLT energia"
With these words, written also on the “Charo Galo” well just completed, the community of the Garithe village in Kenya wanted to thank PLT energia that has supported its construction through AMREF.

PLT energia has intervened for the second year next to AMREF ORG in this area of the African continent, where water emergency has become unbearable and whose impacts are devastating for the most vulnerable, especially for women and children.

The “Charo Galo” well, whose construction has started in February, has seen the active participation of the entire local community in all the stages of its construction: from the collection of the necessary materials, to the digging phase, up to the making of the cement base.

From now on, thanks to the alternative type of pump installed in the well, the community of Garithe will be able to suck 200 20–liter tanks of water in a day, corresponding to about 4,000 liters, an ideal quantity for a middle–sized community like Garithe's.

The well will be also used to irrigate the fields, thus allowing the growing of vegetable gardens and small nurseries.

A concrete help to recreate the basic circle that connects health, food safety and agriculture.

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