11 May, 2014 | Company News
Charo Galo: the name of the dwell financed by PLT energia through AMREF
Charo Galo, this is how the community has named the dwell. It is located in Kenya, in the Garithe village, within the Gongone Division of the Coast District and is about to be completed.

The local community has been actively taking part in all the stages of its construction: from the collection of the necessary materials, to the digging phase, up to the making of its cement base.

AMREF staff has completed the operations regarding the hydro–geological analysis of the ground aimed at verifying the water drinkability. Groundwater is generally clean and safe to be consumed since the rain is naturally filtered by the various layers of sand and rocks under the surface. Charo Galo has been entirely dug by hand by the villagers. The report that we received from the project manager operating on the premises shows that groundwater has been found at 8 meters of depth.

The tests have confirmed that the water is drinkable and the 1–meter–deep water column is sufficient for the 32 family units who will benefit from this dwell – by “family” African people intend units composed by an average of 8 to 25 people – and for their animals.

A pump at alternative suction will be installed shortly in order to allow the Garithe community to utilize the soon–to–be–completed facility. This type of pump allows 200 20–liter tanks of water to be sucked in a day, corresponding to about 4,000 liters, and is considered to be ideal for middle–sized communities like Garithe's, as it can be used manually, it is easily maintained, and its replacement parts are easily accessible.

After installing the pump, the dwell will be disinfected with chlorine to prevent bacteria proliferation. The final phase of the water project includes a course on environmental and health education addressed to all the people responsible for the Garithe community. The training phase is organized in periodical meetings aimed at teaching the correct sanitary operations to follow, with the aid of simplifying sheets and pictures.

These classes will be followed by courses on environmental education focused on the importance of teaching the water exploitation techniques for vegetable garden watering, as well as basic marketing notions regarding the products that will be produced thanks to Charo Galo.

It is important to highlight that these courses will be mainly addressed to women, as they are the main providers of water in the community.

At the courses conclusion, about one hundred packages of local fruit and vegetable seeds will be distributed, as well as small plants aimed at obviating the deforestation issue. By planting the provided seeds and using the dwell water, the groups participating in the program will be able to start their own nurseries.

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