10 Jan, 2013 | Company News
PLT energia to help people in Kenya
Holding charity issues in the highest regard, PLT has made a contribution to help AMREF construct a well in Kenya.
Kenya is a chronically water-scarce country whose annual water potential stands at 643 m3 per capita. Globally, a country is classified as chronically water-scarce when access to clean water is inferior to 1000 m3 per capita.
The lack of access to clean water has been bringing the whole country to its knees.
This phenomenon had a devastating effect primarily on the weakest: women and children who devote most of their time to finding water in unprotected springs. Social effects are disastrous: child neglect, lack of domestic hygiene, truancy, lack of food.

AMREF is the biggest private health organization which operates pro-bono in Eastern Africa. It is also involved in the development of water and sanitation projects, thus seeking to improve the social and health conditions of people in Eastern Africa.

PLT's contribution may be just a drop in a bucket but many drops make a pond, and many ponds make a flood, as they say: joining together, we can help men, women and children live with more dignity.

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